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A Huis Clos (Behind Closed Doors)

by on February 28, 2007

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  1. Hello D,

    Thank you for sending this link. I found the film both disturbing and fascinating and a lesson in how an apparently simple format can be used as a container for so much meaning.

    I won’t bore you with my reactions to each ‘scene’ except to say that I experienced the kind of anxiety one might have with a thriller/horror movie! – so much ambiguity – what was happening? Violence, sex, ordinary everyday sounds? Was it outside or inside? Sometimes both. At times I thought the house was a photograph, a still image, and then a jolt when a car drove past!

    The title, Huis Clos, conjured up the idea of the house being a trap for people unable to leave (they are already dead). Very suburban in a relatively peaceful area (with rooks and tall trees). For me it works as social critique – isolation, respectability hiding both joyful and miserable experiences.

    Psychologically makes me think of how the boundary sometimes become blurred between what is experienced as inside and outside of us. Has someone ‘made’ us feel guilty, say, or was it a day when we had guilt sloshing around anyway! Those are initial reactions which hardly do it justice I know and I think it’s one of those films that I’ll watch again and experience differently

    I really rate it, D. Well done. Are you hiding more like this under a bushell?!

    x Alex

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