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photograph: Virginie Gilardin

connectivity… authenticity… autobiography… disruption…

  1. Hi D we talked the other day in Sarah’s kitchen. So first congrats on getting all this together.
    Melding the exterior and interior – how to do it – that’s the question. Personally I find that it happens through my work and my inclination/desire to go down certain avenues often unexpected. Through my work, because there is something ineffable going on which takes form in the abstract of colour and form. Otherwise by associations with other people often strangers – so present projects are working at The Dragon Cafe and about talking with strangers in and around London on a daily basis – and oh my gosh how Londoners love to talk! this is an off shoot of a Summer taking part in These Associations with Tino Seghal at Tate Mod. Somewhere along the line it comes together…….

  2. Sarah Wheeler permalink

    Hi D

    Enjoyed looking at your site – wonderful!

    Could you email me your email cos I trashed my inbox last year – and its one big jigsaw that’s taking a long time to piece together.

    Caritas Abundat. Sarah X

  3. Hi D
    going from strength to strength – well done!

  4. Website will be operational soon.

    Good to talk about art and responses to it. I remember Sheila McGregor at Marxism one year almost being overcome talking about the Rembrandt painting of the young woman bathing. She explained how Rembrandt gave dignity to his subjects as opposed to those rich princes etc who patronised Titian for example. They were only interested in the bodies of women, not the life revealed in their faces. Rembrandt changed all this.

  5. wendybailey permalink

    HiD – hope alls well with you – am forwarding the *Freewill* photos etc to my friend Phil Baird (the hatted one) as he jsut asked about it
    His Email is * and he was very interested in your project – luv Wendyx
    it was good to see Carole

  6. This is good D
    glad that you have managed to get what you wanted darling
    roses are red violets are blue
    wishes on moonbeams
    i am sending to you

  7. Mary Phillips permalink

    Thanks for the email and good luck with everything.

  8. Ana Laura permalink

    amazing woman how fast and well you have magicked all this, well done!

  9. paula permalink

    I liked going there but i love it here :0)

  10. Steve R permalink

    Welcome to your new Home!

  11. I was there now I am here 🙂

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