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The World Is Your Oyster (Help Yourself) II

by on November 10, 2010

This installation will be on display at Central Saint Martins on Charing Cross Road, as part of a group and solo exhibition, from Friday 12th – Thursday 18th November.

Group exhibition: 2-4pm Friday 12th November, CSM CXR, Rooms G01 (by cafe and shop) and 7th floor project spaces 1-3. I am in Project Space 1. (At 7th floor doors, turn right, past couple of small spaces, through squarish room to get to Project room 1).

Solo exhibition: Project Space 1: Saturday 13th – Thursday 18th November, during college hours.

  1. I would like to come next week/
    Is it open on wednesay17 nov?
    Is it alright?

    • I think that on Wednesday the college is open from 8.30a.m. till 6pm ish? Say you are coming to visit me in project space 1 on the 7th floor, and that John Seth has said this will be okay.

  2. “Any visitors would need to sign in at the reception desk – this shouldn’t be a problem. They’ll need to indicate who they are visiting.”

  3. Good luck with the exhibition D

  4. Steve R permalink

    Great! Is it possible to visit the solo exhibition?

    • Yes I very much hope so … if you can sidle in or blag it past the front desk ;-).

      I will see if my tutor can help arrange open access, thanks for pointing it out x

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