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Graphs and charts series #1 2009-11

by on March 1, 2011

ViS becomes OLG (2011)

Central Saint Martins (2010)

Preparing to graduate (2010)

Thoughts (2010)

Questions (2009)

  1. Bridget Jones permalink

    I found these absolutely fascinating. My background is very much mathematical and logical (my daughter absolutely despairs about my lack of creativity!). On first glance when the full page came up on my screen the charts appeared to be something that I am very familiar with – analysing hard data, concrete numbers etc and then – what a surprise to look at the charts more closely! Putting more subjective thoughts, feelings and questions into pie charts/bar charts is fascinating. Brilliant idea.

  2. This is very good. I think it is important to explore new methods of representing and exploring yourself, and this graphical technique is quite revealing; for example there appears (in the Time chart) to be a zero-sum between ‘The Future’ and ‘Problems’ which implies that you see ‘the future’ as problems you haven’t met yet, altho’ this is almost the opposite of how I perceive your attitude. Interesting *strokes beard*.

  3. I’m so impressed that you manage to spend a quarter of your time on your practice! Is that because you consider writing to be part of your practice? Clem and Anne did warn us (in the second year I think) that we would spend a lot of time on admin type things….

  4. alex permalink

    In haste, D. I really like these. First impressions suggest that they are the usual charts etc. summarising quantitative data. Some categories (such as Applying for Funding) appear to have a clear meaning.

    But the meaning of all the categories is unclear, as is the nature of the relationship between the categories. I am left guessing what they mean – are you ‘talking about yourself’ – and then I find myself thinking about where my experience would fit into the charts (how similar or different this might be). What was apparently objective becomes highly subjective and ‘meaning’ is up for grabs.

    The graph is visually dynamic with lines on the move and intersecting – complexity and change. But we, as viewers, don’t know what it is showing. My immediate assumption was that it was personal – how much, say, the Past had preoccupied you over the months shown. But it could be a summary record of interviews with friends or, more simply, you just invented the lines and trajectories! This applies to the charts as well.

    For me this work makes me think of the debates about the virtues of ‘objective’, quantitative research methods versus ‘subjective’ qualitative methods and all points in between – the preoccupation being, of course, to pin down ‘meaning’.

    Will be good to talk about it with you.

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