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MRC SGDP Open Day Invite Wednesday 26th June 2013

by on May 31, 2013

Dear all,

SGDP retrospective

Please come and join us during the day or in the evening, where I have one piece in this exhibition.

The Science Open day will be running from 11am – 6pm. You will be able to…

  • See your brain waves recorded on an EEG machine
  • Build a model of DNA to take home
  • Have a go at some of our research tests
  • Build a brain and learn about its structure
  • Extract and see real DNA
  • Find out about SGDP research
  • Build your own DNA model using sweets (and then eat it!)
  • Control a toy racing car using your brain waves

So please come and join us to…

  • Come and find out all about our research on what makes you, you!
  • Meet scientists and find out what they do
  • Join in with some fun activities to explain and experience the science

The Art Exhibition evening view will be from 5pm – 7pm

Please RSVP to  020 7848 0759

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