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From graphs and charts to algorithms?

by on June 8, 2013

A while ago I decided to limit graphs and charts to a series of 5. I thought it would be healthy to get into the habit of saying goodbye to some (things) and saying hello to others.

And to do this simultaneously would be a gentle start I thought.

I’ve recently (2012) made two new ones to replace 1 and 3 (I think). I’m really happy with the current series and 2/5 are new so need a good airing (never mind needing a period of personal reflection on them as “me: updated” …)

So I am considering moving into the related <left brain / right brain> world of algorithms.

This is my first worksheet:

algorithm definition landscape

Ideas, comments, personal reflections, and gut reactions all welcome … and part of the process … :-).

Many thanks x

  1. Helen Shearn permalink

    Really good to see this has inspired you and for me to learn from! and
    do more left brain stuff!!

  2. Hi Rhiannon,

    Sheldon takes a right brain issue, and applies a left brain approach to it, and that’s one of the things I’m exploring over the last few years x

  3. Hi D,

    In haste – have just come home. Seems to open up a number of opportunities. Not sure though what you want comments on. Do you want ideas of what you might use an algorithm for? Knowing you, it will be something quite personal and I can’t help you with that.

    Off the top of my head, for what it’s worth, you could use the chart retrospectively to look at an interaction or situation that didn’t go well and then use a diagram to imagine other options that were open to you in the way you behaved and possible responses from others.

    Or you could have imaginary situations/problems, sending up issues, such as ‘How to leave your lover’, ‘How to get out of bed in the morning’. Or political – how to address an issue in the face of opposition.

    The sample algorithm is very word based – you could play with the form; e.g. more pictorial.

    Apologies if I’ve utterly misunderstood your request. If so, perhaps you could use an algorithm to sort me out.

    x Alex

  4. rhiannon evans permalink

    HiD I’m a bit confused by this. Not sure about the link between your work and Sheldon’s? Will look at your next email…. BW Rhiannon Have you had a good w/e?


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