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Statement 2015

by on December 28, 2014

Over the past year a lot of people have been expressing concern that I haven’t been making any art, with an implied / expressed suggestion that as I wasn’t making anything, there was something wrong in my life.

I have thought long and hard about this, and have come to the following conclusions.

All of my art has worked in parallel with my various forms of formal and informal therapies, right from day 1. I failed my art O level. All my art from my art therapy in 2002 to date has been about working through emotional and psychological issues in tandem with clinical inputs.

Getting a degree, a solo show and a variety of other engagements out of this have been bonuses over the last 10+ years.

I am no longer in therapy; I am no longer attached to secondary services after more than 30 years; I have nothing left to work through, beyond the everyday, and I have plenty of friends and chosen family with whom to talk through things. I would still like to show, talk about, and sell some of my literal shed-full of work going forward.

The work I made is my truth and I will never forget that: indeed remembering it is part of what keeps me well and moving forward. I could not have got to this point in my life without art, but my relationship with it for the foreseeable future is likely to be as an interested observer, travelling across Europe for exhibitions, and I am not unhappy with that.

I wish you well for 2015.

  1. Rajni Shah permalink

    “The work I made is my truth and I will never forget that.” Beautiful. Thanks for sharing this, Dee.

  2. Your new year statement is a very positive one. It’s great that the imaginative and interesting artwork that you have produced has also helped to change aspects of your life for the better.

    I’m sure that, with your honesty, intelligence and desire to communicate, you will continue to express yourself creatively in whatever you do. Writing your ‘Statement 2015’ is an example!

    Warm wishes for 2015.

  3. mbriathra permalink


    What an eloquent response to the questions about the process and perceived lack of output. I hope that you are maintaining your good health to enjoy 2015 and beyond. it would be great to meet up to discuss, argue about art visual and aural and just to have a chat of course!

    I’ve been revisiting Daniel Barenboim’s BBC Reith Lectures from 2006. Brilliant exposition of his view on how music is not only a metaphor for our lives but how connections are made and the possibility of understanding can be enhanced. He argues that sound has greater importance than vision. It penetrates the body. It is the first sense which evolves in the foetus. Here’s a link should you be interested.

    I have a friend, Ikhlas, Yasmeen Jebara who I was introduced to in Salem near Nablus, back in November 2012. She is blind. She is now an English Literature Masters graduate and also plays the harp. An Israeli woman Sunita Staneslow a world renowned harpist, comes into Salem, at some danger to herself each fortnight, not from (Palestinians I might add) to teach Yasmeen.

    Having a conversation with a blind person challenges my view of the world. She also talks about seeing the world.

    She is a poet. I’ve put one of her songs/poems to music. She liked it! Again I can tell you more should you be interested. Here’s a link:

    I worked with the *Villages Group* when I was teaching in the South Hebron Hills villages of Susya and Umm Al Khair.

    Daniel Barenboim has written a book entitled “Everything is Connected, the Power of Music”. Highly recommended. I don’t wholly agree with him, but he has compelling arguments for the sense of sound.

    I’ll stop there!

    Much love and solidarity


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