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SGDP retrospective

In the Dark Hours

Accompanying text: statement etc for SGDP retrospective

Image by Steve R

in the dark hours SGDP June 2013


Cameron/Clegg privatisation algorithm

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From graphs and charts to algorithms? MORE GUIDANCE

As with my charts and graphs, I am exploring the interface between the traditional art approach i.e. paintings and drawings, and the traditional science method of diagrams and charts.

I wanted to not be prescriptive about how you might comment, but if you don’t have any immediate thoughts, perhaps you could answer one or more of the following questions.

What do you think of such an approach, as an artist and / or as a human being?

What issue (real or imagined) would you like to put through this process?

Do you have any examples or references of related things I might research otherwise explore?

Would you be interested in collaborating with me / and others do explore this?

NB The finished piece of work will be an original logarithm together with the paper-trail  /process to find and make it.

Many thanks if you have any thoughts, and thanks to Alex and Steve R for helping me draft this 🙂 .

Worksheet two:

Worksheet 2

From graphs and charts to algorithms?

A while ago I decided to limit graphs and charts to a series of 5. I thought it would be healthy to get into the habit of saying goodbye to some (things) and saying hello to others.

And to do this simultaneously would be a gentle start I thought.

I’ve recently (2012) made two new ones to replace 1 and 3 (I think). I’m really happy with the current series and 2/5 are new so need a good airing (never mind needing a period of personal reflection on them as “me: updated” …)

So I am considering moving into the related <left brain / right brain> world of algorithms.

This is my first worksheet:

algorithm definition landscape

Ideas, comments, personal reflections, and gut reactions all welcome … and part of the process … :-).

Many thanks x

MRC SGDP Open Day Invite Wednesday 26th June 2013

Dear all,

SGDP retrospective

Please come and join us during the day or in the evening, where I have one piece in this exhibition.

The Science Open day will be running from 11am – 6pm. You will be able to…

  • See your brain waves recorded on an EEG machine
  • Build a model of DNA to take home
  • Have a go at some of our research tests
  • Build a brain and learn about its structure
  • Extract and see real DNA
  • Find out about SGDP research
  • Build your own DNA model using sweets (and then eat it!)
  • Control a toy racing car using your brain waves

So please come and join us to…

  • Come and find out all about our research on what makes you, you!
  • Meet scientists and find out what they do
  • Join in with some fun activities to explain and experience the science

The Art Exhibition evening view will be from 5pm – 7pm

Please RSVP to  020 7848 0759

Statement of Practice 2013

On 1 January each year I take a quote from an artist or writer on art that has particular resonance for me at that time, and I post it to mark a moment in my thinking about art and my art practice, and to reflect on what has passed, and what continues to guide me.

“I never did think I had anything to give to anyone not even myself, but through my art I find that I do.”

Current graphs and charts (series of 5)

Questions (2010)

Questions (2010)

Preparing to graduate (2010)

ViS becomes OLG (2011)

Guilt (2012)

Guilt (2012)

Schema chart (2012)

Schema chart (2012)


You can hear 2 talks about these, and the Q & As, here: